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The Inner Self

We all need a place to which we can withdraw when the going gets too rough and the demands are overwhelming. That space and place are within you. This is your inner space, the realm of your spirit. It is open twenty-four hours a day and you have exclusive rights to be there. Inner space may be an invisible world but it can offer real peace and a true sense of the sacred.

Take a journey inside yourself now. Start with your place in nature, which is your 'earth space'. Then, go into your inner world. Let the many aspects of your interior life unfold, from the sacred space to that mysterious one of dreaming. Learn how to retreat from too many demands and to trust the stillness you find within yourself. Become effective at making space in this life for who and what you are. In this way you may fill your life with hope, love and peace because you are truly yourself.

When you want to shout: 'Give me space!' When you feel squeezed, rattled, crowded and pressured, go into your Inner Self. Find there peace, calm, a new awareness, perhaps God. Learn to live in this world and not to let the outside world live too much in you.