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Monastic Spirituality

The Rule of Saint Benedict
is the most widely used guide for life in a monastery
that has ever been written

Monastic spirituality is based on a person giving herself or himself to a contemplative life of prayer and worship or to an active life of love and mercy for others,such as in helping the poor or sick. These forms of commitment usually takes place in the context of a community of men or women, living out common values and religious beliefs.

If you feel you may be called to such a life, then a retreat at a Christian or Buddhist monastery and a discussion of your feelings with an appropriate member of that community will help.

Never ignore or easily dismiss inner feelings which draw you toward a life devoted to spiritual matters. It could be the future that you are called to live.

Now over 1500 years old, it still is used around the world- and not just in monasteries but also by people in ordinary life. The reason is that the rule is humane, compassionate, and offers outstanding guidelines for living a full life in happiness and love with yourself and with others.