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Christianity is a religious faith based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
which had its origins in Judaism. Its believers hold that Jesus is the Messiah
prophesied in the Old Testament.

What do Christians believe ?

The belief of Christianity is based on the New Testament and the doctrines of the Trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and the Incarnation of Christ and his resurrection from death. All are all central to the faith. Christ's role is seen as that of the Redeemer of all humanity.

Different approaches

While there is a shared basic content in all Western Christian spirituality, the approaches to it may differ. For example, the approach of the 20th-century philosopher and theologian, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is quite different from that of the 16th-century mystic, Saint Teresa of Avila, Martin Luther or modern thinkers like Hans Kung or Richard Rohr. Yet all these people belong to a common Christian heritage. Included in the many ways of Western Christian spirituality is also the rich treasury of Orthodox Christian traditions on which we may draw.

How to find out more about Christianity

Try going to a service in your local church. It does not matter whether it is Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Quaker or another Christrian faith place. If you have never been to a church service, do not worry about what to do – just watch and follow what the others do or sit quietly and enjoy the experience of worship. Try asking your friends, who are practicing Christian, how they feel about their faith. Try dipping into the Bible to find out what the New Testament has to say about the life and message of Jesus Christ. Here you will find the heart of the Christian inspiration and ideal.