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Grief & Retreats

Bereaved Partners Support Group

The Bereaved Partners Support Group is a charity that was initially set up to provide support for people who lose their partners to cancer, however, we soon realised that others were looking for a similar kind of support. We now run bereavement support groups in London that are free of charge and are open to all relationships; people who have lost their partners, parents, siblings, friends, etc. to cancer.

Our groups and retreats are run by a caring group of compassionate psychologists and counsellors whose over riding aim is to show people they are not alone in their grief and to support them through their loss. The groups are defined by their users and we want to make sure we continuously provide reliable and beneficial support, therefore, the groups evolve according to members’ needs. This will be our focus for the retreat too. Most of all you will have space - for you to talk, listen, or simply to be.

Phone: +44 7732 070972

Cruse Bereavement Care

The Good Retreat Guide often receives requests for advice from those who have suffered a bereavement as to where they can go to reflect and remember. As this is such an individual and personal journey The Guide would first advise to look at Cruse, an organisation that can first help with this so that the individual can benefit from their experience and support.

Cruse Bereavement Care was founded in 1959 and since then has played a significant role in supporting those who have suffered a bereavement. It is the UK’s leading bereavement charity and clients are often referred to Cruse by their health professional, families or friends. Cruse constantly campaigns for the rights of bereaved people and works with policy-makers and senior health officials to ensure that their needs are met.

It is a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and follows the rigorous code of ethics set out by that organisation. Cruse has vast experience and can help both young and old irrespective of circumstances and it is free. It provides face to face, telephone, e-mail and website support both post-bereavement and also pre-bereavement. There is a national helpline and local services throughout the UK.

Day time Helpline: +44 844 477 9400

National Widowers’ Organization

Every person’s grief process is unique, but studies have shown that men suffer many feelings which would appear special to their gender.

With insight and compassion, the National Widowers’ Organization was founded by a group of widowers who found solutions in their grief through a men’s support group. The satisfaction from this process led to the creation of a site and a national advocacy for programs that support men in bereavement. They are not organized outside of America yet but hopefully in the future this will happen. Meanwhile if you are a bereaved man, then go to this website for information and explanations that will help you now and toward hope in your future.

For more details see:

Telephone: +1 800 309 3658

The National Association of Widows

Widowhood has been described as the single most common personal catastrophe. This catastrophe is a bereavement which affects women physically and socially as well as emotionally. The National Association of Widows was founded in 1971 by June Hermer, who was herself a widow, in order to give ALL WIDOWS the specialist information, advice and support they needed.

If you are a widow you may find that you need:

  • the chance to contact other widows
  • someone to listen to without being judgmental
  • company and the chance for a better social life
  • help with practical matters
  • unconditional support

We are the only national self help organisation that offers comfort, friendship, and a listening ear as long as is needed. Our local branches provide:

  • regular meetings
  • the companionship of other widows
  • support to all members especially in times of difficulty or distress

We also offer the hand of friendship through our national membership plus free pen club.

If you are a younger widow you can benefit from our “Younger Widows Contact List” which puts widows up to the age of 50 in contact with one another nationally.

Free confidential advice and information is given from our local Advisory Service (in conjunction with our sister charity The Widows Advisory Trust).

We know that becoming a widow is a devastating experience. We understand how adjusting to life without a partner is a slow and painful process; because we understand we are able to foster strength and a sense of purpose in women who feel that they have lost their future after the death of their partner.

And because the National Association is a self-help organisation we encourage widows to learn to grow in self confidence, to develop new skills as well as new friendships; to help in running local branches and in the policy making of the Association.