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Local Spirituality

Last year I spent a few months in a fashionable and beautiful village in the Cotswolds in England. A little terrace house there of just two up and two down with loads of stairs costs a bomb- at least much more than the average person can afford – and this little village of some 2,000 people had over 500 such weekend houses. If you did not get hit by a new Range Rover crossing the street ( black of course), then you were sure to have lucky escapes from a hot new Austin Martin or a Porsche. This was a village of the successful in London – those mostly young high achievers with huge incomes and all the trappings to go with such worldly success. Backing them up were the village brigade of retired corporate financial directors, CEO’s, and bankers - all in residence in the grander houses dotted here and there.

What has all this to do with spirituality you ask?

For me it was a village built of wonderful mellow Cotswold stone and then filled up with the results of greed. Ambition itself is not greed, of course, unless it becomes the dominent reason of your life. If it does, then your spirit flees, the heart eventually grows sad, and you feel weary and restless. Interior peace becomes a yearning that is never realized inspite of all the material goods your money buys for you. That is what greed has to do with spirituality. What is the famous biblical saying? For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. ( Timothy 6:10) We all know this but few of us pay any attention to it. Yet, if the world is our oyster, why do we still yearn for something more, something money, power and prestige cannot buy?