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Better Late than Never

Saint Augustine once wrote that time was no measure for men and women. He was, of course, talking about time in the spiritual sense, which is infinite since the universe, unlike us, does not have the same sort of clock. In fact, no one seems to know for certain exactly what time is as far as our universe or any of the others is concerned. Now the whole point of this time thing for me at the moment is that I have been on the move- boxes, removal men, upset, happiness, sadness, broken glasses, lost papers and all the rest of the bother whenever you move home. At the same time ( there is that word again) the whole Good Retreat Guide Online Team has changed. The result was not much work on the site, but slowly that is changing. There is a new website hosting company up in Nottingham who is handling that side of the GRG site and I am catching up with emails, event listings and all the other stuff which makes the site worth checking out when you are looking for that retreat which is just right for you.So much has changed in the retreats now offered and retreats with yoga and healing techniques in exotic places like Costa Rica and far islands in the Pacific Ocean are showing us that the environment of a retreat counts a lot. We are all learning that retreat surroundings are vitally important whether it is a Buddhist monastery, a Christian church group or an open spirituality or yoga intensive. The retreat setting along with the people who run the retreat are key to getting the most out of a retreat. Poor facilitators, unhappy environments, or uncomfortable beds and careless cooking greatly lessen the good mind,body, and spirit results of a retreat. Incidentally, check out our lastest book review of Psalms- A Commenatary for prayer and reflection by Henry Wandsbrough. The Psalms are magnificent ancient poetry as well as Jewish and Christian prayers. Wandsbrough, who edited the distinguished New Jerusalem Bible, tells you how and why these famous poems or songs were written and explains meanings in a way that is simple, cheerful and an easy read.  You don't have to be a person of faith to enjoy them. Blessings to you. Stafford