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A New Free Website just for You

This has been a busy time for me to make a good time for you. I have created a special free website and the first thiNG up on it is MEDITATIONS FOR LENTLent is the season in which to retire as much as possible from distractions of the world in order to take a serious view of the whole state of our inner life, which is to say, to take time to examine what and who we are in this life. To ask ourselves: Are we pleasing to ourselves? Are we pleasing to others? Are we pleasing to God? A time to ask wonder if that good man, that wonderful teacher Jesus appeared today to us, would the kingdom within us, our very soul, actually be a place in which his spirit would wish to reside? Lent is a good time to discover how you stand in relation to God? To your neighbours? To yourself? To ask yourself what exactly stays hidden within you that you know only too well is displeasing to you, those you love, and to God? Is it disguised by some pretext of good or wrapped up comfortably under the robe of your self-love? These are the Lenten days set aside to deepen a true knowledge of ourselves, to apply a proper remedy to all our unwanted passions and vices, and to lay a solid foundation of a good life for the future. WAIT! STAY HERE! This is not all, because in a few days, you can start reading my new novel THE CLOUD OF GOODNESS chapter by chapter each week as I write it. And tell me what you think. Your comments are needed - good, bad or indifferent they all help. You might want to change lots of things in the story - but watch out for the Devil and all that vice and virtue! goes live this Sunday 7 February. I hope you will join me there. Blessings to you from Stafford