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Stafford Whiteaker is a best selling author and former member of a Christian monastic community who lived for a number of years as a hermit. Born in America and educated there and in Mexico and England, he has lived most of his life in Europe, and for some years now in France. Author of Europe's best selling book on spiritual retreats The Good Retreat Guide he is highly experienced in knowing what you might need if you are looking for new values, an alternative to materialism or simply some rest and relaxation.

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Writing and broadcasting regularly on the subject of spirituality, Stafford has considerable media coverage including BBC2 Travel Show, ITV Sunday Morning, Daily Telegraph, Independent on Sunday, The Independent, The European, The Times, Sunday Times. In addition, he has appeared in TV programs in Britain, Italy and Switzerland.

Here are just a few of the press comments about his spirituality writing

“Whiteaker's belief in the importance of spiritual harmony and peaceful integration of mind and body is often inspiring and always compelling”
– Daily Express

“Spiritual sustenance without being force-fed.”
– Sunday Times

“Stafford Whiteaker encourages us to step off the world at least occasionally.”
– The Universe

“I feel rested and refreshed after reading this calm, come-hither book.”
– Telegraph Magazine

“Most notable is the inter-faith emphasis.”
– The Tablet

“The latest edition of The Good Retreat Guide has been reprinted four times.”
– Time Magazine

“The definitive guide.”
– Marie Claire Health & Beauty

– The Traveller

A brief history of The Good Retreat Guide online

2012 Year 10 Website is redesigned and relaunched.
2011 Year 9 Editorial Team for the Online Guide expanded.
2010 Year 8 Publication of The Good Retreat Guide 6th Edition by Hay House.
2009 Year 7 Online Guide achieves over a million viewers.
2008 Year 6 Online Guide reaches 850,000 viewers.
2007 Year 5 Website is redesigned and relaunched.
2006 Year 4 Website doubles retreat entries.
2005 Year 3 Website gets wide National UK media coverage.
2004 Year 2 Publication of The Good Retreat Guide 5th Edition by Random House. Launch of Online Edition.
2003 Year 1 Initiation of website project.