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Welcome to The Good Retreat Guide Online. Here you will find dozens of places to find peace and spiritual renewal all over Europe and beyond. Interesting, wonderful, different, and exciting places to relax, explore your inner awareness, and practice your spiritual beliefs. You can also read about going on a retreat, about different kinds of spiritual practices, how to meditate, and much more.

We hope you find something to take with you from this website. May you be blessed in your journey of the spirit.

Stafford Whiteaker, Editor

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Breathworks Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness, an ancient spiritual practice, has been re-discovered today and has become a leading technique for getting the right balance of your mind, body, and spirit, lessening anxiety and stress and  helping you to live the life you want with confidence and in a positive way. Using simple methods on Breathworks Mindfulness courses, you learn to notice your actions, thoughts and feelings in the present moment. You learn to notice your unhelpful patterns and how you tend to repeat them, leading you to more pain and suffering. Mindfulness helps you see this and gives you the choice to change these patterns and the potential for a new way forward. At Breathworks they are passionate about teaching these mindfulness-based approaches to pain and illness and stress management. Please note these courses are not for people who are acutely ill or who wish to be passive recipients of support and advice, nor is it a substitute for professional therapy. Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course for anyone living with pain, illness or stress that is impacting on their health. Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress Courses for anyone experiencing stress, or wanting to learn strategies to deal with the general complexity and pace of modern life.

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A Life at Work Retreat

Would you welcome the chance to get away from it all and spend some time contemplating your work, career and vocation in life? We don't often get a chance to really look at  how we feel about work and the issues and values attached to them. A Life at Work retreat might be just what you need. The next Career Retreat takes place 20-23 September near Bath, Somerset. The next Career Workshop takes place on the 25th September in Waterloo, London. 

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Try Something New!

Spirit & Destiny magazine says: Why not take yourself on a vision quest? This is a native American tradition where you go off somewhere secluded in the countryside, and send time fasting and meditating. It gives you a chance to revive your spiritual energies and can be an opportunity to get insight into your life purpose. You can get some great ideas for secluded stays from The Good Retreat Guide.

Healing the Heart Retreat in Italy

20-27 September 2014
Puglia, Italy

A retreat for couples and individuals who wish to master the art of conscious relationships, marking the 10 year anniversary of Living from The Heart retreats. During this week  you will practise finding stillness of mind and body. Stillness helps you listen to your body's wisdom by becoming present instead of ruminating about the past or projecting yourself into the future. Verbal, non verbal and physical exercises designed to open the heart and increase intimacy, compassion and understanding. The morning session includes Kundalini Yoga, breath work and Chi Kung. The afternoon sessions will be a mixture of meditation and various group exercises centred on healing the heart. There will be time for relaxation and rest, walking, and using the swimming pool.

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