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Welcome to The Good Retreat Guide Online. Here you will find dozens of places to find peace and spiritual renewal all over Europe and beyond. Interesting, wonderful, different, and exciting places to relax, explore your inner awareness, and practice your spiritual beliefs. You can also read about going on a retreat, about different kinds of spiritual practices, how to meditate, and much more.

We hope you find something to take with you from this website. May you be blessed in your journey of the spirit.

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Dr. Masaru Emoto - Consciousness & Water

Dr. Emoto Masuru

The Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham is welcoming Dr. Masaru Emoto, the world-famous pioneer into the study of the effects of consciousness on water. This is only three appearances in his UK tour. He will be speaking at the Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham. Dr Emoto’s best-selling books such as ‘The Hidden Messages of Water’ contain extraordinary photographs showing how states such as love, joy, prayer, fear and anger create dramatic changes within water crystals. Dr Emoto believes that his studies demonstrate the power of cultivating inner peace and of using our words and thoughts carefully, a teaching he calls ‘Hado’, meaning ‘moving wave’. Isbourne Holistic Centre, 3 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham GL50 1TH  UK 

+44 1242 254321

Traffic on the road to silence

Thursday, October 16, 2014 to Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mindfulness and Osho Vipassana: A Weekend of Silence. 

Meditation, like playing a musical instrument, is a skill and takes practice. So, if you would like to learn the skill of truly doing nothing except witnessing, then now is a great time to start or if you just need more practice or find it difficult to fit meditation into a busy life, here is a chance to give yourself the silence it takes to be truly still, to enter more deeply into meditation practice, and along the way to enjoy some great food. 


 A 3-day Mindfulness silent retreat. 


Fairfield House, 51 Long Street, Williton, Near Taunton, Somerset 



From £225.00 all inclusive on a twin sharing basis.

To book: 

Tel: 01984 634503 or  

Medical Qigong-Part 2

Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery & Tibetan Centre is offering an opportunity for everyone interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the health maintaining exercises involved in Qigong, the second part of a two-weekend course. The programme in  Qigong and Chinese Medicine includes the origins, the beliefs and philosophy, current opinion, research and fundamental exercises, certain medical conditions,and therapeutic massage and relative acupuncture points. Aspects taught will cover both theory and practical. The venue is at the monastery from 26 to 28 September and the cost is £ 63.


+44(0)13873 73232

Mindfulness & The Brain Retreat

Mindfulness & the Brain Retreat 

6th November, 3 nights

For centuries, we have tried different ways to improve happiness and reduce suffering.  Recent breakthroughs in brain-scanning now enable us to ‘see’ which areas of the brain are activated by emotions and worry and observe the positive effect of mindfulness. In this experiential weekend you will get to know the brain better using simple models and diagrams and try out for ourselves the beneficial process of turning on and off different areas of your brain.  As we regain control of our minds, we regain the power to deal with suffering as it arises. The workshops will cover: Introduction to the brain-models.  Paying attention to one area at a time. The relationship between ‘mindfulness’ and Working-Memory. Memories: how they are formed, how to prevent them forming and ways to reduce the power of existing unpleasant memories. Insight: the experience we have when an idea or solution suddenly ‘pops’ into our mind. Ethics.  Where are ‘morals’ in the brain?  Are morals essential to happiness?  Natural ethics. On such a retreat, the main focus is on the basic practice of mindfulness in daily life. Alongside studying ‘how the brain works’, you will be practicing both traditional and new mindfulness practices, giving yourself tangible tools and techniques to take home into your daily lives. Featuring visiting facilitator Mike Bell Price £295.“Early Bird” Price £265 (for bookings before 31st September). Book Now


Yasodhara Yoga at Radha Caudet

After celebrating its 50th Anniversary last year Yasodhara Ashram has 'officially' named the unique yogic teachings offered by Yasodhara-trained teachers in venues all over the world   Yasodhara Yoga, developed by Swami Radha, is offered at Radha Caudet. See the article in the July issue of The Yoga Magazine entitled Finding Yasodhara Yoga.